Are we playing your festival or venue? Maybe you're writing an article about us for a magazine? For the love of the Sweet Baby Jesus please don't just go on Google Images and download whatever 9-year old photograph of us you find first. We've got lovely resources for you here! All photographs and graphics on this page are totally license free for all purposes. You have our express permission to do whatever the hell you like with them.


All photographs taken by P├ęter Lerch and Elliot Vernon. Please credit the photographers when you use these images!


Here is our logo, in black and in white, with a transparent background. Feel free to use your shitty Photoshop skills to put a sick 3d texture on it. Alternatively, click here to get a scaleable vector version.


Click here to download a PDF version of our biography. It's the same one that's on the "Band" page on this website.